What is Business Process Optimization?


All organizations exist to make an impact.  Whether it is to build wealth for shareholders, make a social difference, or some combination of the two – chances are that the benefits of the organization’s existence could be amplified if all the moving pieces worked in harmony.  More lives could be saved, more resources could be preserved, and more profit could be earned … if we didn’t have to worry about pesky internal conflicts such as:

  • departments blaming one another for missing deadlines,
  • inefficient controls that drag on productivity,
  • team members who do not pull their own weight,
  • bottlenecks in decision-making,
  • multi-tasking and juggling too many things,
  • poor management and prioritization of goals, etc

Realistically, there will always be conflicts.  However, it is possible to minimize the impact of conflicts through Business Process Optimization.  By taking a holistic view of an organization and understanding the dependencies of its inner workings – we can improve communication, eliminate effort that is not adding value, and ensure alignment in decisions.  The result is a “sweet spot” of business performance where – accounting for known and unknown conflicts – an organization can achieve high productivity.

Business Process Optimization is a tool which can expose areas in an organization that are not functioning as well as they should or that may be broken from an operational sense.  We have identified in previous posts how these operational problems can manifest themselves, and such symptoms are more common than many are willing to admit.  Business Process Optimization will systematically uncover the root causes that drive these painful symptoms and provide insight into where to focus efforts on fixing the problem.  The follow-on work of transforming an organization to actually achieve and sustain performance at an optimal state will be left for another entry.

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